It´s that time again. The thermometor hits 40ºC and suddenly everyone becomes nocturnal around here. It´s true – it´s like someone tripped a switch and everyome moves out into the garden. People drag their TVs outside and go for walks at 3am; that kind of thing.

Just finished watching “The Darjeeling Limited” (but inside – not in the garden) and am reflecting on how much I´d like to go to India.

Also on the perils of connectivity. It took me two days of my holidays and a plea from one of my colleagues to stop logging on to the corporate intranet and to enjoy my vacation to allow me to begin to unwind. My wife has spent the last two days on the laptop catching up with emails via her corporate login – this is, I fear, what we feared. The moment one shows a willingness to engage with working life in one´s own free time is the moment it begins to be exploited, naturally.

Now I need to find the elusive balance between being relaxed and on holiday, and motivated enough to carry on full steam ahead for the last stretch of H806, and ultimately MA ODE.

Connectivity permitting.