I am due to present at a conference in the  next couple of weeks (a webinar – as if the pre-presentation stress wasn’t enough) on the subject of teens and social networking. We’ve had some experience of this at our teaching centre as I have been running one for our teen students (some 2,500) of them for the last couple of years.  Some research I did for my MA convinced me of the need for this, not to mention the potential for learning,  and so we embarked on this adventure,  with mixed success.

Interesting, then, to see this research this week, involving Spanish, British and Japanese teens. It suggests, very strongly, that teens, including Spaniards, feel more confortable with their online chums than real life peers. This seemed to have a hollow ring to me, having spoken to teens here on many occasions about this. They consistently say that they prefer having online friends that they already know in real life, and shun strangers as online friends.

Today I handed out questionnaires about social networking habits, and at first glance my previous impressions seem correct. They consistently report that their online friends are also people that they know in real life. I will post more on this when I have collated the data. It would also seem that, though Tuenti still reigns supreme as the Spanish teen social networking site of choice, Facebook is catching up.

It seems that one internet radio in the house isn’t enough these days, as this morning I ordered a DAB / internet radio alarm (to get me up earlier in the mornings and thus lead a more active and constructive life). Watch this space :-O (emoticon for a yawn).