Interesting to see that a number of new business models are emerging lately in key digital areas. Condé Nast, the publishing house that acquired Reddit in recent years, are trumpeting their bold predictions that ‘in the future’ up to 40% of magazine sales will be on the iPad, while YouTube are looking to stream premium content via their platform at the end of the year. They already offer movies, and are looking at streaming TV programmes, having been testing for the last couple of days.

Google have also declared an interest in redefining the online TV market, at a time when a number of new hardware offerings are entering the market at the same time. Apple have just announced a slimmed down version of their AppleTV box, now retailing at about £99 with the emphasis on streaming rather than storage. Competitors are rushing to the table with new products that do pretty much the same thing, with Veebeam and new product maker Boxee appearing at the same time.

If all of this means that we can get access to a greater range of content at highly competitive prices, and that providers are realising that there is more to be gained from offering more and less from pursuing litigation, then maybe it is cautiously to be welcomed. As to the impact on education of any of the above, than we should all keep up with developments and ask relevant questions of each other on our blogs – micro or otherwise.