I was just overhearing a colleague talking about listening to radio programme archives using the BBC iPlayer. Being someone that has been a computer user since the days of MS_Dos, it came as no surprise to hear that he liked doing this. He did also mention in passing that he likes to attach a tape recorder to the computer and record the programmes; well, why not, I suppose, he’s always operated like this and sees no reason to change now. But part of me wants to object to the inefficiency of this procedure – save digital copies and listen to them on your portable device, or build up a backed-up digital archive for future listening pleasure. Add a simple media server and stream the archive around your home to any number of devices.

But then again, it’s none of my business, and if he wants to carry a cassette recorder around and listen to analogue tape recordings, then what on earth is wrong with that? Nothing of course, but my own interest in looking for ever new and more efficient affordances of technologies in an educational setting makes it difficult for me to feel comfortable about persisting in antiquated activities like this.

That is until I remember that a few months ago I bought a turntable for playing my old vinyl records. It does have a usb port on it though and will digitise the discs for storage and reproduction elsewhere 🙂